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CSD2021 Call for papers

CSD2021 Invitation (RO) (EN)

CSD2020 postponed to 2021

Dear CSD2020 conference applicants,

We would like to inform you that, in consultation with the members of the Council for Doctoral University Studies (CSUD) and of the Doctoral School Council (CSD), the Executive Board has made an uneasy decision to postpone the 4th Conference of the Doctoral School within The "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Romania, which was scheduled for 5-7 November 2020 as an on-site event.

The different timelines and strategies adopted by our country for gradual withdrawal of pandemic prevention have made it impossible to organize the event according to our standards of academic quality and hospitality. Therefore, the conference is not cancelled but postponed to May 2021.

In planning of the postponed event, we will protect the work already carried out for the design of the scientific programme of the conference. Also, other abstracts and full papers can be received by the conference secretariat until the 10th of April, 2021, at the latest.

Furthermore, the web page of the conference will be updated soon, according to the new conditions, when we will communicate details about the program and how the conference will be held (on-site or online). The necessary details will be announced along with the new conference dates.

We will also contact the PhD students who sent the papers in full format to deliberate about their publication.

We are looking forward to meeting you in 2021.

Director of CSUD,

Professor Alina Adriana Minea

Director of the Doctoral School,

Professor Maria Gavrilescu

Organizer Message

Dear PhD Students,

Dear Colleagues and Guests,

Dear Participants,

At its fourth edition, the International Conference of the Doctoral School at the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) aims to provide PhD students of the Doctoral Schools from Technical Universities in Romania and abroad with a favorable framework for communicating the results of their research, exchanging ideas and initiating new collaborations, refine their theoretical and methodological approaches, encouraging presentation and continuous development of interdisciplinary research.

The three days conference (19th-21st of May, 2021) consist of five panel sessions, where PhD students can present and discuss their research papers. The program of the conference will also include a number of plenary presentations held by prestigious professors from universities with which TUIASI has close collaborations.

The conference aims to bring together miscellaneous oral presentations dealing with relevant problems associated to the thirteen doctoral fields at the university: Chemistry; Computers and information technology; Chemical engineering; Civil engineering and installations; Electrical engineering; Electronic engineering, telecommunications and information technologies; Energetic engineering; Industrial engineering; Materials engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Environmental engineering; Systems engineering; Engineering and management.

Bridging the scientific doctoral fields, encouraging the innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration, and the orientation towards internationalization, this event can offer an intellectual intersection between disciplines in which new ideas and progress in science would appear. This way the doctoral programs can be implemented with a focus on training PhD students for research and acquiring a set of core competencies that will allow for the immediate transfer to social institutions in search of a sustainable economy. For PhD students in the earlier stages of doctoral studies, the conference provides an opportunity to train for their first contributions to a certain scientific field, while for the PhD students in later stages, the communications held during conference can be seen as a scientific step towards the jobs market.

We are inviting PhD students to present their research in English/Romanian and share their views within an interdisciplinary environment. Abstracts can be submitted via Registration forms http://csd2021.tuiasi.ro/inregistrare.php (no registration fee at this edition, which is held on-line) until 10th of April, 2021. All entries are subject to initial qualification on the basis of the abstracts submitted. The registration deadline is on 1st of May 2021.

Welcome to CSD2021!

Honorary President,

Professor Dan CASCAVAL, Rector TUIASI

Prof.univ.dr.ing. Dan Cascaval Rector TUIASI