Excellence in Doctoral Studies through Innovation,
Convergence and Interdisciplinarity


Registration form, [Download here] (to be sent after Abstract acceptance)

The registration form will be sent to the email address of the secretariat member responsible for the section to which the paper is sent:

Cătălin Popa, PhD Student (Section 1) (adi-catalin.popa@student.tuiasi.ro)

Iolanda Fusteș-Dămoc, PhD Student (Section 2) (iolanda.fustes-damoc@student.tuiasi.ro)

Vasile Grosu, PhD Student (Section 3) (vasile.grosu@student.tuiasi.ro)

Mădălina Roman Nechifor, PhD Student (Section 4) (madalina.nechifor@student.tuiasi.ro)

Andrei Rățoi, PhD Student (Section 5) (andrei.ratoi@student.tuiasi.ro)

as well as to: doctorat@tuiasi.ro

Deadline: May 1st, 2021